Meghan Markle warned not to anger senior Royals; Palace does not trust Duchess to be a responsible Royal?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are not doing themselves any favours by clashing with senior Royals. In fact a royal biographer is warning them against it.

Meghan Markle has been mired in controversy ever since she joined the Royal Family. And the Duchess has also allegedly been a part of a few feuds involving other members of the royal family. And Meghan has actively tried to stray from Royal traditions ever since she became a part of the Royal Family.

And according to royal biographer Angela Levin to claim that the Palace has "put its foot down" to ensure that the royal "chain of command" is properly followed.

Writing for the Daily Mail, Ms. Levin said Meghan's "apparent disregard" for "long-established Royal values" have been met with "caution and discretion." 

But it seems the decision to watch Meghan closely was made way before she began issuing statements. 'The decision was made before his wedding when Kensington Palace began issuing daily statements about Meghan Markle's father,' I was told wrote Ms. Levin.

It looks like the Palace doesn't trust Meghan to be a responsible Royal after all. And maybe that's why the Duchess insisted on privacy while she was pregnant. Sand did not bow to Royal tradition when she refused to pose for photos on hospital steps. Maybe it was Meghan's way of protesting the Palace's control on her. But even after giving birth to baby Archie, it looks like Meghan Markle still has a long fight ahead of her. She can use the baby to her advantage, but the Palace will still be watching her every move. Even with the Royal couple settled in at Frogmore Cottage, they are not that far away from the Royal Palace.

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