18 Year old Model From Brazil Who Makes Waves Within the World of Cosplay!

Maria Fernanda (Fe Galvão), aka Fernanda Cosplay, may be a model and cosplayer from Brazil. And though she’s hardly eighteen, she’s creating waves in cosplay along with her cute and correct side-by-sides and has racked up a formidable following of just about 775k+ Instagram and 160k+ Facebook followers.

You’ll be surprised to understand that however the 18-year-old, Maria Fernanda, is creating a large quantity of cash from her dream business. Yes, the teenager lady isn’t creating “millions” through her cosplay business on Instagram. however the work isn't that simple because it sounds, she desires a great deal of confidence to decorate sort of a cosplay.

However, her talent is clear. thus thereupon in mind, it’s no surprise that Maria has such a big amount of fans on-line. In fact, within the past four months, her follower count has doubled, growing from 150,000 on Instagram and 50,000 on Facebook to unbelievable count. To add, Maria earns between $782.25 and $1,213.75 on every of her posts.

Yes, this glorious stripling, Maria Fernanda, is earning a great deal over most adults neutralize daily. For nowadays the Brazilian beauty has taken to Instagram wearing many cosplay costumes.

Her the foremost favorite ar Hayley Smith from yank pater, Ariel from Disney’s the insufficient imaginary creature, Lilo from Lilo and Jessica from Rick & Morty, and it’s simple to visualize why she has gained such a cult fan following.

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