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Being parents is the one of the most wonderful experience in one’s life. And for parents with fertility issues it is surely a matter of stress and this is where fertility clinics come in. Medicover the Sweden-based medical fertility provider has come to Hyderabad to build families and help a dream of a child turn into reality for couples. John Stubbington, Chief Operating Officer of the 23-year-old facility shares, “We are a health care provider, which is unique as we have had the same primary investor since the day of our inception.We believe in quality and give the best to our patients.”
In India, there is stigma attached to fertility issues. How do you deal with this? 
Fertility is a sensitive area. I go into many clinical environments whether it is a hospital or a clinic, and I feel that the facility provided is very important. Especially in India, people have the stigma from family perspective and have an expectation and it is not just the expectation from husband or wife, but also mother, father, grandparents; a lot of people are involved. So, it is important that wegive a nice environment for people. The quality of our services is really good, and we train people who work with us very well. Our first interaction is important.We need to be sensitive, empathetic and listen to the couples, who approach us without jumping into any conclusions.
Why do many think IVF is the only solution to fertility problem?
In India people jump to conclusions that IVF is the only solution, where sometimes it is not asolution at all. It might be that people are stressed or their body weight is not conducive to be able to produce a child. Convincing people to be better and get themselves into shape to have a family could be the answer. So, we do not jump into conclusions. Counseling is really important part of it to make the whole process easy and then it is about finding and hiring good doctors etc. 
What is the age group of your patients? 
The usual age-group of couples, who approach us is between 25 to early 40. If somebody came to us and they were much older, we need to also consider in terms of the welfare of the child. 
Is the concept of designer babies coming here to India?
If you think about the way that Indian regulation is, I don’t think this is something easy because you are very protective here. India is very sensitive to this very subject. So, I personally don’t see that happening.
How does Medicover work?
It is individualistic approach to begin with. People who come to us get counseled and then we understand them and know what had happened in the past. We get the full range of tests and then doctors decide on the appropriate treatment. We do have a lot of people who are experienced and decide the treatments. Then we have different cycles in terms of stimulations and different processes before the baby comes. There is no better feeling for us when somebody comes back to us with their baby. We enable life and we help people create families.
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