Ask the Doctor: Pollutants in air pollution can bring cancer to people below 40 years

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Representative Image Chennai: Can air pollution pose risk of cancer?-Janani R, Resident of Korattur.Air pollution has emerged as a major factor for lung cancer in India, particularly in people below the age of 40. The alarming fact is that half of these people are non-smokers. The culprit once again is PM 2.5 or particulate matter less than 2.5 microns in size. This pollutant, which is 30 times finer than a human hair, can penetrate deep into human lungs and system leading to lung cancer in the long run. It is imperative to watch out for recurrent symptoms such as persistent cough, breathing difficulties, blood in sputum, chest pain that exacerbates with deep breathing or coughing,hoarseness and loss of weight or appetite loss.- Dr Udaya Kumar Maiya, Consultant, Portea Medical
Should I postpone the vaccine if my eight-month child is suffering from minor illness?-N Priyadarshini, Resident of Anna Nagar.Vaccines need not be delayed or postponed because of mild illnesses such as fever and cold or cough. However, it is advised to ensure that the physician conducts a check up for the child and if needed, the doctors will decide if the vaccine needs to be delayed. Except for the cases when the child has any clinical condition due to allergic reactions to the vaccine, the vaccination can be administered even if it postponed. In case of any allergic reaction, the child should be checked for the same.Dr Daphney Gracia Antony, Consultant, Preventive health checks, Fortis Malar.
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