HIV vaccine to begin testing internationally

A new HIV vaccine will start human trials soon. Mujahid Safodien / AFP/Getty Images

A cure for HIV seemingly comes along every couple of years whether it's or . One of the largest pharmaceutical companies will take the next step in developing a vaccine for the virus.

Johnson & Johnson will begin trials for an HIV vaccine according to a report from . The company will conduct a study with 3,800 men last this year in North America, South America and Europe.

The vaccine is called tetravalent mosaic. It's made up of four components to raise the body's immunity to defend against different strands of the virus. In animal trials, tetravalent mosaic worked on two-thirds of animals tested and is considered safe for humans.

Participants in the study will receive six shots off the vaccine over the course of four sessions. Results from the trials are expected to come in 2023.

Trials for a variation of the vaccine are already underway in Africa. Called , the trials include 2,600 women across five African countries. With both studies taking place at similar times, approval from government bodies could come much quicker.

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