Hunter's Moon 2018 meaning: What is the meaning behind October full moon?

October’s moons is known as the hunter’s moon.

However, it is also called the Travel Moon or Dying Grass Moon.

What time is the Hunter Moon visible?

The Hunter’s Moon is the first full moon after the Harvest Moon, which is the first full moon closest to the autumnal equinox towards the end of September.

This year’s Harvest Moon was between September 24 and 24, according to

This year’s Hunter’s Moon was fully illuminated by 5.45pm BST as it appeared just below the horizon.

The moon often appears red or orange as it comes quickly after sunset.

The name of this moon originated during Anglo-Saxon times, but is also attributed to Native American tribes.

The tribes would track time by watching the moon patterns and four seasons of the year, which was later then copied by colonial Americans.

The Hunter’s Moon marks the start of the hunting season, where meats are preserved during the time of reflection, during the winter months.

What is the meaning behind October Hunter’s Moon?

October is often spiritually spiritually associated with death.

This is due to the month being the time of year when the living and the dead come closest together.

However, the Hunter’s Moon is also a chance for people to embrace change, according to Sara Coughlin at Refinery29.

She wrote: “With that in mind, you can spend October taking steps to safeguard your home and life against negativity, while welcoming in positive change.

“And the night of the full moon, with its expansive and illuminating energy, is the perfect time to perform such a ritual.”

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