Woman tries to delay flight from leaving until her daughter finishes shopping

A flight to China was delayed after a woman tried to stop it from leaving to wait for her daughter who was shopping, a fellow passenger claimed.

The Spring Airlines service from Bangkok to Shanghai was due to depart at 3.30am but was held up for half an hour when one passenger became “emotional” and tried to stop cabin crew from closing the door.

Another traveller claiming to be on the same flight uploaded footage of the incident, which shows frustrated passengers standing up and arguing with cabin crew while the woman in question sits on the floor outside the aircraft.

The video has since been trending on Chinese short-video platform Douyi.

A Spring Airlines spokesperson told Mail Online the passenger had boarded the plane but was emotional and tried to block the cabin manager from closing the aircraft door.

Her daughter, believed to be late because she was still shopping, allegedly called airport police, demanding they wait because she had checked in two pieces of luggage.

The flight eventually took off without the two passengers, and the 160 travellers onboard landed in Shanghai Pudong International Airport at 9.14am – more than an hour later than scheduled.

The airline condemned the passengers’ “uncivilised” behaviour.

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