Do digital devices in school management, control and instruction de-humanise education?

"Education is a social process for physical, mental and social development of children with diverse learning styles by schools and school functionaries in a fear-free and self-esteem building learning environment. Any use of digital devices such as biometrics attendance devices, CCTV cameras, hand-learning through mobiles, smart classrooms, etc, become the devices of social isolation, control, uniformity, suspicion, fear, etc., , which take away the human face and psycho-social foundation of education and destroy the very pre-conditions for human learning," stated a retired insightful teacher who had worked effectively in modest family-model of school where in school was a web of relationships and teachers as role models.

"All these are anti-education devices which convert schools into open-jails controlled by market forces," the release further said.

Reacting to the news of government schools in Delhi to be fitted with CCTV cameras, she added that the whole exercise the will allow the markets to colonize the minds of students and places of selling, maintaining, servicing their devices. Even a few studies have proved that after an initial expensive, fanciful and administration-friendly euphoria, in the long term, not only such inputs hindered not only student's performance in the classroom but made them more violent outside the school at the places they were not under surveillance.

In the USA, many schools are switching back to humanistic model of education in which schools get seen as community of learners with investment in the capacity building of school functionaries to work hard to make the school model successful.

The biggest harm is the creation of environment of social disconnect and loss of social values since such effects face to face honest communication and promotes passivity and conceit in the classrooms. In the whole process, market forces gain while schools, students and families loose the most valuable things called human touch. All this devices dehumanise education and become fanciful administrative gimmicks to enhance their control and market forces' grip on the schools.

Only minimal or essential use of these devices can be for school's safety so that inside the classrooms children can learn with social connect and fear-free learning environment to become rational, critical and creative thinkers with social sensitivities. Many old parents are now decrying the socially isolating school environment producing slaves of market forces who are neglecting parents.

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