India Today tries to find out truth behind yigress Avni's death

This is Avni, a six-year-old mother of two who was shot dead in Yavatmal, Maharashtra.

After the autopsy of Avni tigress, several allegations against the forest department violating wildlife protection norms while hunting down Avni Tigress were made.

India Today tried to dig into the details mentioned in the autopsy report. The chief conservator of forest Mr Misra while speaking to India Today said, "It will be too early to conclude as to what exactly happened at that time. Let the forensic report come out. "

As per the feedback he got from the locals and his men at the spot, he is still firm on his earlier stand that at first tranquillizing dart was fired, and then the bullet.

When posed with a simple logical question -- What was the need to fire bullet when the tranquillizing dart had hit the animal? -- The senior forest official explained that the tranquillizing medicine takes at-least 10 minutes to make any wild animal unconscious, and because Avni, the ferocious wildcat, had gone in on an attacking mode and before it could pounce on the forest team, Nawab Asgarh Ali, in his self-defence and sharp reflex, fired at the animal that was extremely close to the vehicle.

The sources said that the tigress was spotted after almost 6 months time, the hunting team did not want to lose this chance because losing this opportunity meant putting the life of some more villagers in danger. The wildcat has already killed 13 people in the vicinity of 175 kilometers in last 2 years.

What does the autopsy of Avni says?

The chief conservator said, "Legal or the expert person who understands it will be able to tell about it. Forest official understand forest act, wildlife act, but they don't understand autopsy report."

The officer further said the report will tell what was the size of the bullet, what is the size of the hole, how much blood oozed out and which muscle and bones got damaged.

The officer said that if the investigation is going to happen, it will be conducted and a different team will do it and that he won't be part of the team.

When asked about the allegation that how was Asghar Ali present at the spot when he was not an authorized shooter, the senior officer replied that he was very much part of the team that was hired for the job. "The order clearly says Nawab Shafat Ali and other six members of his team. So everyone was authorized," he said while avoided the questions about which type of gun was used.

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