[Update: Photos, Fit, more] Here’s every Google app with a dark mode, and how to enable it

For years now, the Android community has cried out for dark themes in applications and the system throughout, all while Google continued to slap more and more white themes basically everywhere. Slowly but surely, though, we’ve been seeing more Google dark mode apps in tons of apps and services. Here’s every Google dark mode app available today including Android, YouTube, Calendar, Chrome, and many more.

The best gifts for Android users

Before we get into apps that support dark mode, why do we even care about it so much? A lot of it comes down to personal preference, as many users simply prefer the look of a dark interface. In the late hours of the day, a largely dark theme also helps out with eye strain. A huge plus on Android too is that, as Google has explicitly confirmed, it can save battery life big time.

The reasons for apps to adopt a dark theme go on from there, and we’re glad to see Google dark mode finally arriving on apps. This list contains every Google app that currently has a dark mode, and the list will be continually updated as new ones are added as well. If we’ve missed any, drop a comment below and let us know!

Google Fit Dark Mode

Update 7/12

In Google Fit v2.16 for Android, the company delivered dark mode to give a break from the stark white theme the app has always used. The new theme can be manually be applied through the app’s settings, and it will also respect the system-wide setting in Android Q.

Like most other Google Apps, this isn’t a pure black theme, but rather a grey color which also sees the green and blue accent colors lightened to better fit with the darker background.

Google Photos Dark Mode

Update 7/12

One of the most popular consumer services Google has ever had is Photos, and alongside the arrival of Android Q, the app is getting a dark theme. While it doesn’t affect any of your photos, Google Photos dark mode does give the background a grey color like a lot of other Google apps. That also covers all of the menus and settings for the app.

Unfortunately, though, dark mode for Photos only applies to Android Q. At the moment, it doesn’t reliably work on Android Pie, there’s no dedicated setting, and there’s no sign of the change on iOS either.

Google Sounds Dark Mode

Update 7/12

As Google continues to implement dark mode in its system applications, the lesser-known Google Sounds app has updated with the new theme. For those not aware, this app is exclusively for Pixel owners and gives the ringtone interface a user-friendly makeover. The dark mode update arrived with version 2.1 of the app and respects Android Q’s system-wide dark mode. Notably, it features a true-black theme.

Android Q Dark Mode

One of the biggest dark mode updates Google has made to date is to Android. We’ve been seeing hints of a system-wide dark theme for the mobile OS for ages now, and Android Q is where it’s finally going to debut. While that update does publicly arrive until later in 2019, the third beta release gives us a good look at the system-wide Android dark mode.

In Android Q, a simple toggle in the quick settings menu will enable the dark theme through the entire system. When enabled, users will see the effects of this theme throughout all aspects of the OS. That includes core parts of the system such as notifications, as well as apps that support the functionality. Google even built in a developer option to force all apps to use a dark theme when available.

Google Keep Dark Mode

A favorite Google app for many users, especially on Android, is Google Keep. The simple note-taking app has a dark mode which isn’t triggered by the system as a whole, but rather by an “Enable Dark Theme” toggle in the app’s settings. The feature arrived in May as part of a server-side update on top of version 5.19.19.

Google Keep’s dark mode doesn’t use a black theme, but rather multiple shades of dark gray.

The dark mode for Google Keep is also starting to roll out to the web version of the app.

Google Drive Dark Mode

While many of Google’s Android apps are getting a dark mode that works on all versions of the OS, Google Drive isn’t one of them. One of the app’s most recent updates officially added support for dark mode after months of the feature in testing, but it seems to only work reliably on Android Q.

On that update, users should see Drive switch between dark and light themes based on the wider system settings. Some users do report that the theme works on Android Pie with dark mode settings enabled, but results vary from user to user. So far this new dark mode only seems to be available on Android, but Google Drive’s iOS and desktop clients will likely get the same theme eventually.

Google Calendar Dark Mode

If you’ve been wanting to keep track of your agenda without burning your eyes out at night, Google Calendar finally has an official dark mode. This new mode is available as an in-app setting on Android Nougat and newer. Simply heading to Settings > General > Theme will reveal the needed toggle.

On Android Q, Google Calendar’s dark mode respects the larger system-wide setting. In typical Google fashion, the app uses a couple of shades of gray to craft the theme without losing aspects of the design. Notably, the colors on your events remain largely the same.

Google Chrome Dark Mode

Over the course of a few months, we’ve seen Google start rolling out a dark mode for Google Chrome in several areas. First and foremost, this includes both desktop applications. On both macOS and Windows 10, there’s an easily accessible dark mode either already available or just about to hit prime time.

If you’re on macOS, running version 73 or older of the Chrome browser should enable dark mode on Google’s browser. To enable it, simply change your system toggle between the dark or light modes. Windows, on the other hand, is still in the process of rolling out. Version 74 of Google Chrome enables dark mode on Windows and also enables matching the system theme, but it’s still a bit finicky at times.

As we know, Google is slowly working on bringing dark mode to all of Android’s core applications, and this, of course, includes Chrome. Now, that functionality is starting to become available. While it’s still not available in the stable version, a recent Canary update revealed some flags to switch the theme. Once the flag is enabled, a dark mode toggle appears within Google Chrome’s “Basics” section of the Settings menu.

It’s also looking like Chrome for Android’s dark mode will be able to darken web pages.

Google Calculator Dark Mode

In version 7.6 of Google’s Calculator app for Android, the company added an official dark mode toggle. The new toggle is found simply within the three-dot overflow menu in the top right corner of the app. Tapping “Choose Theme” brings up a small menu for manually switching between light or dark themes, as well as having it automatically set based on the battery saver. Unfortunately, this mode doesn’t respect the system-wide option from what we can tell.

Google Help Center Dark Mode (web)

In recent weeks, Google has expanded dark mode support to its online Help Center. The company’s vast library of tutorial and troubleshooting pages on the web now all support an official dark mode. This mode doesn’t use a true black, but rather a dark shade of grey which has white text and blue hyperlinks.

There are two ways to enable this dark mode on the Google Help Center. For one, you can amend “/?dark=1” to the end of any page you are on. However, the far easier method is to scroll down to the bottom of the page and press the toggle on the right-hand side of the display. The setting should stay in place even once you’ve left the page completely.

Google Discover Feed Dark Mode

After seeing tests ongoing for months, Google has finallyadded a proper dark theme to the Discover feed. Found on the left-most homescreen on plenty of Android smartphones including Google’s Pixel, the Discover feed’s new dark mode is one of the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Respecting the system-wide “night” mode, Discover’s theme is not a manual option. It will change with your wallpaper or based on the display setting. In previous versions, the “dark” theme left users with white backgrounds for text, so it’s nice to see a proper design finally available to everyone. If this option hasn’t hit your device, try uninstalling the Google app and reinstalling/updating it to force the change.

Google Play Games Dark Mode

The mostly-forgotten Google Play Games app has also picked up a dark mode in its latest update. This one doesn’t mirror the “night” mode, but it does trigger based on a manual setting

Once you’ve installed the latest update, access the overflow menu. From there, head to Settings > Dark Theme and toggle the setting on. It should change immediately from that point and, as usual, it extends throughout the entire application.

Google Phone Dark Mode

In the latest update to the Google Phone app, dark mode has finally been enabled. Google has been teasing this arrival for quite some time and now it’s finally here.

Dark mode within the Google Phone app hits all portions of the interface including the dialer, contacts, call history list, and menus. All of the colors match up with Google’s other Material Dark themes, and it’s notable that Google Phone and Google Contacts react to each other’s dark mode setting. If one is turned on, the other switches as well and vice versa.

The manual switch for turning on dark mode in the Google Phone app is found in Settings > Display options > Dark theme.

Google Contacts Dark Mode

With version 3.2 of Google Contacts, an official dark mode has been added to the app. This hits the entire interface from your list of contacts down to the details of the contact itself.

To enable dark mode on Google Contacts, you’ll need to have the latest version. Once updated, there should be a “Turn Dark Theme on” toggle within the side menu. Alternatively, switching on the “Night Mode” within developer options will automatically turn on Contacts dark theme, presumably with other apps eventually doing the same.

YouTube Dark Mode

One of the Google apps spearheading the dark mode trend is YouTube. The world’s biggest video service added an official dark mode on the web and iOS app several months ago, and it finally arrived on Android recently as well.

Once flipped on, YouTube’s dark mode doesn’t use a true black theme, but rather the same grey shade we’ve seen in other Google dark mode apps. The theme extends to pretty much every section of the app and desktop website from comments to menus and more. On the desktop you can toggle the feature on by clicking your Profile Icon > Dark Theme > Toggle On. For mobile apps, we’ve got convenient guides below.

Android Messages Dark Mode

Google’s Android Messages app has quietly become a central spot for a lot of the company’s new initiatives, and it was one of the first with dark mode.

Messages’ dark mode also covers the majority of the applications, including the primary interface, individual messages, and menus. A lot of the accent colors don’t get changed when you switch from white to dark, but it looks good either way. Switching is as easy as accessing the three-dot menu in Messages and tapping “Enable Dark Mode.”

Gboard Dark Mode

Google’s Gboard is arguably one of the best keyboard apps available for Android, and the addition of themes played a huge role in that. With themes, you can also enable a dark mode.

Of course, enabling dark mode in Gboard isn’t as “official” as some of the other apps on this list. However, the end result is the same, if not a little better. By heading into Gboard’s settings, you can visit the themes section to pick from over a dozen color themes. This includes 5 options that fit the dark theme criteria, some even including true-black themes that are ideal for OLED displays.

Google News Dark Mode

One of the most common cases for using a dark theme is when consuming content in the evening. It puts much less strain on the eye in a dark environment, and that’s exactly why Google News was a prime target for a dark theme.

In a recent update, Google added a dark theme to Google News. It hits the entire interface once turned on and even has some customizations. In the settings, you can opt to turn the dark mode on at all times, automatically at night, or when battery saver mode is turned on. That backs up the company’s findings that dark made enables better battery life. It also respects the system theme starting with Android Q.

Google Maps Dark Mode (Navigation)

Another place where you’ll find a Google dark mode is on Google Maps. This isn’t an app-wide dark mode, but rather appears solely on the navigation method of the app.

Primarily, you’ll still be dealing with a white theme within the app, but you can toggle the “Night” mode and leave it on at all times. This is especially handy at night, but it looks great at all hours of the day. You’ll be able to leave the dark mode on 24/7 in both the Android and iOS versions of the app. We’ve got a handy tutorial below on how to do so.

Gmail Dark Mode (web)

For years now, Gmail has supported custom themes, and thanks to that, its web version has pretty much always supported a dark theme. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the more limited options on this list.

When applied, Gmail’s dark theme on the web only covers the general interface. Once you open up an email or click on a menu, you’ll still see white interface elements. One can hope that Google will update the experience to improve this, but for now, it is what it is.

To enable this, you’ll need to hit the settings button in Gmail’s web interface and click on “Themes.” Under the collection of pictures, you’ll see the Default white theme, with a “Dark” option next to it. Simply tap on that option and hit “Save.”

Google Authenticator Dark Mode

If you use 2-step authentication, and you very much should, Google Authenticator is a convenient way to keep track of the required codes. In a recent update, Google added a dark mode to this app.

With a quick toggle in the overflow menu, you can turn on a Google dark mode for Authenticator. Like others on this list, it isn’t a true-black theme, but it does look great and encompasses the entire interface, excluding a few menus.

Snapseed Dark Mode

Google’s popular photo editing app, Snapseed, is another place where there’s a dark theme toggle, proving especially handy when trying to focus on editing photos. It gives off the same look as Adobe’s Photoshop.

To enable a dark theme in Snapseed, you’ll want to head into the app’s settings, and the first option gives you a simple dark theme toggle. Flip that on and you’ll be presented immediately with a dark version of the interface which uses the same off-black as Google’s other dark themes.

YouTube TV Dark Mode (web)

While the standard YouTube app offers a dark mode on all platforms, YouTube TV offers it solely on the web. This theme is, like YouTube, service-wide. It encompasses the entire interface including all the menus. Personally, this is one of my favorite looking dark themes as it suits the YouTube TV interface very well.

Currently, it’s unclear if YouTube TV will extend this theme to its Android and iOS applications, but we can certainly hope that it’ll arrive sometime soon. To enable YouTube TV’s dark mode, click on your Profile > Settings > Dark Theme > Toggle On.

What are the next Google dark mode apps?

Clearly, Google isn’t slowing down with adding dark themes to its various applications, and that’s a huge win for everyone. What’s next? Well, we’ve got a few apps to keep an eye on. Lately, we’ve seen hints at dark mode support in the Google app, potentially for Assistant, as well as the Google Fi app and more.

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