5 tips to avoid blocking of your Aadhaar

New Delhi, May 16: The Aadhar card has emerged as the most important official document in recent times. But it can get deactivated under certain situations.

If you want to prevent this and the resultant hassles which will invariably follow, read on to know more.

Around 8.1 million Aadhaar numbers have reportedly been deactivated by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) till now.

However, Aadhaars number can be reactivated by updating the relevant information with the UIDAI.

Your Aadhaar number can become deactivated if it is not used for three consecutive years. This effectively means that if you have not linked your Aadhar number with your bank account, PAN or EPFO to claim pension, it is likely that it may get deactivated.

Parents of children below the age of five need to update the details of their children again after they complete five years.

A child who enrolled for Aadhaar before attaining 15 years of age may have to update the details again after they turn 15.

Follow these steps to check if you Aadhaar number is still active.

1. Select the Aadhaar services tab on the UIDAI website and click on the 'Verify Aadhaar Number' link.

2. Enter your Aadhaar number in the specified box to verify if your Aadhaar number is still active.

3. Enter the security code displayed as an image.

4. If your Aadhaar number has not been deactivated, you will be able to see the page, which will display a message confirming the status of the Aadhaar number entered.

5. In case you number has become inactive, the page will not display the number.

If you want to re-activate your Aadhar number, you will have to submit re-verification of your biometrics along with the required documents at the nearest enrolment centre and fill up the Aadhar update form.

If the previous biometric matches with the new one, your Aadhaar number will become active once again. You will also have to pay a nominal fee of Rs 25 at the enrolment centre.

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