Sponsored: Cover Your Bases At Ray's Cafe & Pizzeria, Bandra

Four different types of pizza crusts!

Pizza lovers, cover all your bases at Ray's Cafe & Pizzeria, Bandra, where the chefs want to cater to your every whim.

For instance, the pizzeria promises four different types of crusts - skinny, thin, regular and thick - which helps us get our pie exactly the way we enjoy it. plus some extra cheese, please! And that's not all; you can also specify the type of flour you want your pizza made with - wheat, whole wheat or the very fashionable gluten-free variety.

Now Ray's has a mile-long menu of pizzas (see full list here), but we're going to stick to our old school favourite this weekend: Mumbai Masala on a skinny crust. Best home delivery during the World Cup matches!

*This post is sponsored by Ray's Cafe & Pizzeria*

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