Romil forms new club in the show, Jasleen is expected to be eliminated, Romil blames Karanvir, and other Bigg Boss updates

MUMBAI: For all you Bigg Boss lovers, here are some interesting updates. Take a look-

Deepak feels guilty about his behaviour

All the housemates involve themselves in the captaincy task. The task worsens when housemates fight and push each other. Finally, the task ends with two nominees, Rohit and Surbhi, for captaincy. Deepak gets upset with Surbhi and Rohit as he feels they cheated him in the task. Later, Deepak feels guilty about his behaviour and locks himself in the bathroom and hurts himself. Sreesanth tries to console Deepak but he does not open the door. Then Karanvir pushes the door, and after a while all the housemates try to make him understand. Deepak cries aloud and breaks down, and Sreesanth hugs him and try to calm him down.

Romil forms new club in the show

The last episode of Bigg Boss was full of drama. Deepak apologizes to Somi for planning against her in the task. Romil also participates in the conversation and they clear their differences. Meanwhile, Megha joins them and Romil tells her that they have formed second group named Apple Pie Club and they all laugh together. It looks like everything is going to be good between them.

Romil blames Karanvir for creating issues between contestants

During task, the contestants start fighting with each other. Romil blames Karanvir for planning against Deepak, and says that Karanvir is the real mastermind behind the issue which took place between Somi, Deepak, Surbhi and Rohit. Karanvir answers back by saying that Romil is jealous about his strategy.

Jasleen is expected to be eliminated in the mid-week

Last week when Salman announced there will be no eviction, the nominated contestants were happy. But later Sreesanth and Jasleen had a talk that there will be mid-week eviction. And, it looks like Bigg Boss has decided to eliminate a contestant within these days. According to the voting trend on social media, it looks like Jasleen is lagging behind. Even Deepak’s chances are high as his behaviour of provoking contestants was not good. However, if the mid-week eviction happens then Jasleen might get eliminated after coming so near to the finale. She entered the house with boyfriend bhajan singer Anup Jalota, though Anup denied their relationship after getting eliminated from the show.

Rohit and Surbhi become the nominees for captaincy

There is a new twist in the Bigg Boss house every new day. The BB School Bus task was interesting as the task ended with two nominees, Rohit and Surbhi. The task not only decides the new captain but also the ticket to semi-finale. It will be interesting to see who will win the ticket to semi-finale.

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