World's powerful warrior who was poisoned

Friends, many heroic warriors born on this land of India, many heroic warriors used to sacrifice laughing laughs to protect their homeland. But there were also many heroic warriors who were deceived and killed. One such warrior had to tell Rana who had been killed by deception. Friends Rana Saying was a powerful heroic ruler of Mewar of Rajasthan.

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He had fought about 17 wars during his lifetime, of whom he had been victorious in all Rana Sanka had never given Mewar during his lifetime, but in 1527 AD, Mewar ruler Babur had invaded Mewar.

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In the middle of Rana Sanga and Babur in 1527, a war was fought in the place called Khanwa, in which Rana Sanka had been badly defeated. Rana Sanga was badly injured in this war, then the soldiers of Rana Sanga from God Had escorted to Jalore

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When it came to know that they had lost the war then the glory of the song was again forming a strategy to fight the war, but when it was said that the strategy was being prepared, some rebellious chieftain of Baba had told them to join hands with poison Had given.

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