The most beautiful princess of India who falls in love with her slave

Friends, Today we are going to talk about some hidden truth of history that we don't know. As we know that Razia Sultan ruled India for four years. She was the first female Muslim ruler from 1236 to 1240. Razia Sultan was the daughter of Turkish ruler Iltutmish. Razia was very beautiful and big politician since childhood.

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Who ruled the Delhi Sultanate instead of his father. Razia Sultan was India's first female ruler. Razia Sultan loved the man who was a soldier in her dynasty named Jamaat-ud-Din-Yakut. After that Razia promote him as ruler in some region in her dynasty.

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Yakut Razia had a bodyguard who was ready to give up his life on a Razia's orders. But the Razian courtiers did not like it at all.

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Therefore, the rebellion against Razia started to flare up. Taking advantage of this rebellion, Altunia attacked Razia. Yakut was killed and after some years she was killed.

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