Special Edition of Bajaj Pulsar NS200 Fuel Injection

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Bajaj has recently launched special edition of Bajaj Plusar NS200 in Columbia market. We can expect the new special edition of Bajaj pulsar NS200 in India also, the bike is designed with new unique graphics detailing in the body parts and in other accessories also. The graphic on the bike is colored in neon yellow and highlighted with " Pulsarmania" stickers in under the seat panel.

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The special edition of the bike is looks stunning its definitely attract all the youngster in the India, the brand has a many chances to launch the bike in India as soon as possible. The bike is definitely priced higher than the other variant, the special edition is also comes with the knuckle guard and crash guard it gives new looks to the bike.

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Specification of pulsar NS200:

  • 199.5cc engine.
  • Maximum power of 24.2HP.
  • Maximum torque of 18.6Nm.
  • Single channel ABS.
  • Liquid cooled engine.
  • 6 speed gear box.

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