Read these 5 Quotes if you are Depressed

Hi Dear ones, hope you all are taking actions to achieve your dreams. Take action now or it will turn into regret later. Let's Start.

In our life, we all come across a stage where we feel helplessness, powerlessness and indirectly the depression will occupy our mind. You start living alone, you start to avoiding social gathering, you start to suffer for yourself, for your own existence.

And it is all fine. But we need to understand one thing that the phase of suffer, pain will not be forever. Time will flow from bad to good. You just need to trust the time and yourself.

Here are the 5 quotes you must read to get your self from anxiety state.

1) In every hard situation remind yourself that everything happens for very good reason. Either being simple or complex.

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2) The reality of life is time will not heal your pain. As the time passes you get habitual to the process of pain. You learn best ways to live with the pain.

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3) Things will take place at the right time. Just relax. It takes time to climb a mountain. Trust the process and keep climbing.

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4) Yes. Don't be hard on yourself because of your situation. Because you can't control the situation every time. There are only two things, sometime you succeed and sometime you learn.

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5) Sometimes to hold bigger things you need to let go of smaller things. Just trust the process it will lead you to the success and peace.

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So don't stop, keep walking!!!

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