Rakhi Sawant wanted to buy this costly necklace from Dubai but falls short of money

Rakhi Sawant is currently in Dubai, shopping for her upcoming marriage with You Tuber Deepak Kalal on 31st December at Los Angeles.

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She went to a jewellery shop there and selected the costliest necklace for her. To her shock it was so costly that she couldn't afford to buy it.

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Rakhi is quite famous for creating unnecessary controversies and thus her marriage news couldn't be taken seriously. It could be another publicity stunt by this drama queen.

Third party image reference

So guys what are your views on the above pics of Rakhi? Do you feel that she's getting married in reality or its just another publicity stunt of her's? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section and stay connected for more such interesting update about drama queen Rakhi Sawant.

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