Parents of Priyanka Reddy shut doors on political visitors

Hyderabad: Dr P. Priyanka Reddy’s family locked politicians, police and media out of their colony in Shamshabad on Sunday, spurning their VIP condolences.

They were assisted by their colonyˆs fellow residents, as everyone felt vexed with the attempts of VIPs to derive mileage from their tragedy. They put up a placard that read “No entry for media, politicians and police.” The family locked its house from the outside.

Dr Priyanka’s parents said they did not want sympathy but justice; they wanted understanding of their agony and trauma. The family stuck to its stand that timely police action could have saved their daughter.

A parade of VIPs has visited in the past two days, including Governor Tamilsai Soundarajan and Union minister G. Kishan Reddy.

CPI state secretary Chada Venkar Reddy and CPM leader J. Ranga Reddy went on Sunday but were stopped by the locked gates. Only Congress MP Revanth Reddy and Union minister Sanjeev Kumar Balyan accompanied by TRS MP Ranjith Reddy were allowed in.

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