Know the Various salts around world, Health Benefits of various salts & it's side effects.

Salt is one of main ingredient in cooking if it is absent in food, food items don't taste good. They are different types of salts not only differ by taste & texture, they are differ by minerals and sodium content few of them are sea salt, rock salt, black salt, e.t.c...

Types of salts.

Regular table salt: Table salt is the one, people have on their regular basis and uses in preparation of dishes & for taste.

Regular Salts

Minerals in regular salt and its benefits:

  • Sodium - This mineral is fundamental to keep the bodies hydrated and helps in proper functioning of nervous system.
  • Chloride - which help us to keep physiological activities in check.

Side Effects:

  • Overload of table salt can harmful to kidneys & interrupt in the functioning.
  • High amount table salt leads to blood pressure.
  • Low amount table salt also leads to electrolyte imbalance.

Rock Salt:

Which is purest form of salt - unprocessed and raw, derived from environment pollutant & Chemical components.

Rock Salts.

Minerals and It's Benefits:

  • Balancing blood sugar.
  • Improves the digestive system and builds immunity.
  • PH Balance.
  • Increases the in energy
  • Boost up the metabolism.

Side Effects.

  • Irritation.
  • Leads to dehydration.

Sea Salt:

Sea water is sun-dried and canalized in nature.

Sea Salt.


  • Which avoids the dehydration.
  • Helps rid of rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Improving the functioning of brain, Nervous system and muscles.

Side Effects

  • High blood pressure.

Black Salt:

Black salt is a kind of rock salt, which is salty and pungent in smell.

Black salts.

Minerals and Benefits:

  • Curing the problem of Bloating.
  • Treating joint problems.
  • Helps to lose weights.
  • Cures Respiratory problems & Heartburn.

Side Effects:

  • Hyper Tension.
  • Consuming large amount of black salts leads to lower down the digestive system

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