Gareth Bale Banned By Wales From Playing Golf At Upcoming Euro 2020

Wales national team will not allow Gareth Bale to play golf during the team’s Euro 2020 campaign. Bale is highly passionate about golf and has frequently been spotted playing the sport. However, the national team believes that players should not risk their health in order to play golf, particularly during the tournament.

Wales manager Ryan Giggs won't allow Gareth Bale to play golf ahead of Euro 2020

Jonathan Ford, Wales' FA Chief Executive has reportedly stated that Wales manager Ryan Giggs is clear on the issue and has stated that the team’s main focus should just be on football. They can’t be in a situation where they risk their health and fitness by playing golf.

Gareth Bale is a great fan of golf

Gareth Bale is a great fan of golf. During an interview with Daily Mail, he said that he was obsessed with the sport and tries to play it whenever he can. The player even displayed a flag after qualifying for Euro, which read, “Wales. Golf, Madrid. In that order”. This had created a huge controversy, with Real Madrid fans demanding Gareth Bale’s ouster from the club.

Wales defeated Hungary to qualify for Euro 2020

Wales defeated Hungary to secure their spot in the Euro 2020, which is to be held across major European cities. Wales will play against Switzerland in their opening fixture of the competition on June 13, 2019. Other teams that Wales will play during their campaign are Italy and Turkey.

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