Childhood pictures of 5 men who committed the worst deeds in history

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Friends, today we have brought before you some such pictures which you have never seen before. These are pictures of people who were considered the most dangerous people in this world. Some of them attacked India many times. These people became so dangerous looking very straightforward terrorists in their childhood, so let's know about them.

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1) Osama bin Laden - Osama bin Laden was a very cruel terrorist. Let me tell you that he was killed by Navy SEALs in 2011. Such a terrorist was not seen around the world, who also attacked India many times.

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2) Saddam Hussein - Saddam Hussein was a man known for using terror against his own people. He made headlines in 2013 when he had to flee to many countries to save his life.

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3) Jeffrey Dehmer - As a child, Dehmer had isolated animals before treating his victims, and it later grew to become one of the bloodiest serial killers.

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4) Joseph Stalin - was the most fierce dictator we all know. Stalin was nothing short of Hitler's name when it comes to dictators.

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5) Adolf Hitler  - The most notorious fascist you have ever seen. Adolf Hitler won the hearts of the people by becoming the most charismatic politician and then he aimed to end the coercion of the Jews.

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