Apple iPhone 12 could be the next big thing, see the teaser

The iPhone 12 needs to be a huge modificational change to Apple's new lineup of upcoming Apple iPhones. The iPhone 11 range brought very little in terms of an upgrade which led to lot of criticism among users.

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We heard lots of rumors and leaks of a much-altered iPhone. Leaks include the possibility of a 5G iPhone model, new cameras, a new design, a notchless screen.

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If all of these leaks prove to be true than get ready for the next generation iPhones. The upcoming iPhone 12 could be the big upgrade for the fans who were waiting for long time for a real upgrade to arrive in iPhones.

Looking At The iPhone 12 Design

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Designer Pallav Raj chauhan teased up a gorgeous concept that takes design cues from the iPhone 5 and modernises them for 2020. The result looks so stunning, the iPhone 12 in the video could end up being pretty close to the real iPhones from Apple which going to unveils in September 2020.

Pallav Raj chauhan

So, what do you feel about the fan made concept for upcoming Apple iPhone 12 in 2020

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