6 Bollywood Actors Who give Most Flop Films, See

6. Aamir Khan -

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Aamir Khan's films earn the highest profit at the box office, in which there is a lot of earnings in movies Dangal, Secret Superstar, PK, 3 Idiots. Aamir Khan's last film, Thugs of Hindostan, was a flop. Tell you, Aamir Khan has given 25 flops in his film career.

5. Shahrukh Khan -

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Shah Rukh Khan's films which are ruling in box office and Bollywood for a decade have flopped for some years. The biggest flop of his career is zero. Tell you that Shah Rukh Khan has given 36 flops in his film career.

4. Ajay Devgan -

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Ajay Devgan is also a big name in Bollywood. Their films too do good business at the box office. Singham Ajay Devgan, who has been working since the '90s, has given 63 flops in his film career.

3. Akshay Kumar -

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Today Akshay Kumar is also known as a profitable actor at the box office. For many years, his films are doing very well at the box office. Akshay Kumar has worked in 132 films in his film career, in which 68 films have flopped.

2. Salman Khan -

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Salman Khan has maintained his stardom in Bollywood since the 90s till now. Salman Khan's movies, called Sultan of the box office, currently have very little flops but in one round, their films have been very flop. Tell you, in his film career, Salman Khan has given 68 flop movies.

1. Govinda -

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There was no match for Govinda's dance and comedy at one time. Govinda's stardom used to be very big in the year 2000. No one can do a classic comedy like this today. Govinda has done about 131 films in his career, in which 78 films have flopped.

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