5 Biggest Species of Butterfly To Spot In India

Butterflies and Moths share many common things such as bodies, wings, resting posture, cocoon and they both belong to the order Lepidoptera. Here is the list most beautiful and largest species of butterflies found in India.

* Kaiser-i-Hind

Kaiser-i-Hind is the most rare species of swallowtail butterfly found in Nepal and Himalayas in India. The butterfly also found in northern states of Assam, Sikkim, Manipur and a keystone species of high altitude forest.

* Southern Birdwing

Southern Birdwing is one of the largest and striking swallowtail butterfly endemic to Western Ghats of South India and is the state butterfly of Karnataka.

* Blue Mormon

Blue Mormon is a butterfly and state butterfly of Maharashtra known for rich velvety black and most common in heavy rainfall areas of the Western Ghats.

* West Himalayan Common Peacock

Papilio bianor species of butterfly is the state butterfly of Uttarakhand and better known as West Himalayan common peacock.

* Common Mormon

Common Mormon is a swallowtail butterfly and one of the most Common butterflies of India. Mormon butterfly known for the mimicry of colours of common rose and the crimson rose.

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